Ways on Starting a Band

Playing musical instruments is not just fun to do but also therapeutic. If seriousness is taken in this process, it can be a good way of making a living. Playing in a band will keep you motivated, away from criminal activities. You will be able to work with deadlines and reach goals collectively. You can be able to start a band without thinking of public performances. It might begin from the local jam sessions in your hood. Here are methods you can employ to start a band:


Make Advertisements for Band Members

Making advertisements through brochures, social media and posters will definitely work. Your band advertisement must speak straight to your prospective band members and convince them to join. Getting individuals who are already skilled will be a better idea and a good starting point. It will save you on time taken to train and learn a skill. Learn more about self belief and confidence. In magazines, you can advertise on the classified section and look for where musicians usually advertise. Post flyers in the music stores around you, clubs and music schools. The internet is also a connecting point where you can meet a couple of friends with the same intention as yours.


Hold Auditions


Not everyone who responds to your advertisement is qualified enough to join your band. This will go down to organizing an audition to identify the suitable people to work with. You need to come up with questions prior to the auditions and you will have to keep track on the responses of each person. You can set aside a couple of songs for testing the skills of each person. Their performance will determine if they are fit or not. While auditioning, check everyone’s interpersonal skills like focus, courage, attentiveness and tolerance. Without these skills being looked at even if they are talented in playing instruments, it may not be of help.


Take on Rehearsals


Perfecting your art as a band will need you to team up and do rehearsals often. Play along with pre-corked bands and drums. This will need you to get musical instruments for your band like guitars, drum sets, keyboards, pianos, flutes and others. If funds are available, you can purchase new musical instruments or if the finances aren’t enough, you can hire to use for your rehearsal sessions before you stabilize and get finances. Setting an agreed time when you will be meeting is important to prevent inconveniencing others of their usual programs.


Monitoring progress while rehearsing is important to determine if you are progressing or not. Calling in another band to help you evaluate your skills will be better so that you can get opinions from other on where to improve.


Get Responsible


Now that rehearsals have gone to a level where you can begin holding concerts for trials, you can divide responsibilities among yourself and delegate duties. Each person should be in charge of a certain area to ensure the band is organized. Bookkeeping will be important to ensure the band can account for all its earnings.